Siderophore Piracy Promotes Dynamical Coexistence in Microbial Community

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Siderophore Piracy Promotes Dynamical Coexistence in Microbial Community


Shao, J.; Li, Y.; Lu, J.; Gu, S.; Li, Z.


The game between cooperation and cheating in the microbial world is captivating. Microbes that acquire essential iron through the secretion of siderophores face the public good dilemma. In this game of iron, the specific recognition of different types of siderophores by corresponding receptors adds more complexity. Despite the prevalence of siderophore synthesis and piracy among microbes, the ecological consequences of siderophore-mediated interactions remain largely underexplored. This study introduced the framework of resource partition model for siderophore-mediated interactions, revealing conditions for stable coexistence in dual-species scenarios and uncovering surprising oscillatory and chaotic coexistence in systems with three or more species. Intriguingly, analytical analysis and simulations highlight the how \'cheating\' promotes biodiversity, emphasizing the non-monotonic changes in biodiversity as the level of siderophore piracy increases in producers. This work sheds light on the complex dynamics introduced by resource partition in microbial communities, elucidating the intricate balance between cooperation and cheating.

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