New arXivLabs collaboration links researchers’ videos on to their arXiv papers

The latest arXivLabs collaboration with the open access science community links arXiv articles to content published by authors at ScienceCast provides a website where researchers can create explainer videos in a collaborative space and receive feedback on their work from other researchers through blog posts and chat functions. The platform also provides the ability for users to post datasets supporting the researcher’s work so that the work can be verified by reference to its data.

Readers can find ScienceCast content on by clicking on the “Code, Data, Media” tab on an article’s abstract page and then activating ScienceCast. Authors can use the website to create their supplementary content and link it to their papers.

“This collaborative effort will enable new researchers to reach a wider audience and garner feedback from a sophisticated community of scientists and academics,” said ScienceCast co-founder Andrew Jiranek, adding that researchers can use video presentations to support their job searches.

Like all arXivLabs projects, the ScienceCast integration is a community-built tool that extends the functionality of arXiv. Learn more about arXivLabs here:

From the arXiv abstract page, readers can find ScienceCast content by clicking the “Code, Data, Media” tab and activating the ScienceCast feature.

When the ScienceCast feature is activated on the arXiv abstract page, a preview and link to the video appear.