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Diffusion-Guided Reconstruction of Everyday Hand-Object Interaction
Neural Network Training Strategy to Enhance Anomaly Detection
  Performance: A Perspective on Reconstruction Loss Amplification
On the Nature and Types of Anomalies: A Review of Deviations in Data
Inducing Causal Structure for Abstractive Text Summarization
Delta-LoRA: Fine-Tuning High-Rank Parameters with the Delta of Low-Rank
Zero-shot and Few-shot Learning with Knowledge Graphs: A Comprehensive
A hierarchy index for networks in the brain reveals a complex entangled
  organizational structure
Evaluation of Faithfulness Using the Longest Supported Subsequence
Topological nature of the proper spin current and the spin-Hall torque
Robust Representation Learning for Privacy-Preserving Machine Learning:
  A Multi-Objective Autoencoder Approach
FarsTail: A Persian Natural Language Inference Dataset
Local Fluctuations in Cavity Control of Ferroelectricity
MIRAGE: Quantum Circuit Decomposition and Routing Collaborative Design
  using Mirror Gates
Attending Generalizability in Course of Deep Fake Detection by Exploring
  Multi-task Learning
The dark matter halo masses of elliptical galaxies as a function of observationally robust quantities
Band Structure and Superconductivity in Twisted Trilayer Graphene
Random Close Packing is least random in three dimensions
Use neural networks to recognize students' handwritten letters and
  incorrect symbols
Domain-Agnostic Molecular Generation with Self-feedback
ChatGPT as Data Augmentation for Compositional Generalization: A Case
  Study in Open Intent Detection
FederatedScope-LLM: A Comprehensive Package for Fine-tuning Large
  Language Models in Federated Learning
ConSlide: Asynchronous Hierarchical Interaction Transformer with
  Breakup-Reorganize Rehearsal for Continual Whole Slide Image Analysis
Graph Self-Contrast Representation Learning
Bilevel Scheduled Sampling for Dialogue Generation
Computer Vision Pipeline for Automated Antarctic Krill Analysis
How to Protect Copyright Data in Optimization of Large Language Models?
Absence of edge reconstruction for quantum Hall edge channels in
  graphene devices
Self-Training and Multi-Task Learning for Limited Data: Evaluation Study
  on Object Detection
Introduction to ScienceCast
Generating Realistic Images from In-the-wild Sounds
Group Regression for Query Based Object Detection and Tracking
Nonequilibrium Magnons from Hot Electrons in Antiferromagnetic Systems
IndGIC: Supervised Action Recognition under Low Illumination
OEBench: Investigating Open Environment Challenges in Real-World
  Relational Data Streams
Majorana-Magnon Interactions in Topological Shiba Chains
Robotic agricultural instrument for automated extraction of nematode cysts and eggs from soil to improve integrated pest management
Ontologies in Digital Twins: A Systematic Literature Review
Micromagnetic study of spin transport in easy-plane antiferromagnetic
Prompting Visual-Language Models for Dynamic Facial Expression
Code Llama: Open Foundation Models for Code
ASCAPE: An open AI ecosystem to support the quality of life of cancer
ABS-SGD: A Delayed Synchronous Stochastic Gradient Descent Algorithm
  with Adaptive Batch Size for Heterogeneous GPU Clusters
Cloud Control of Connected Vehicle under Bi-directional Time-varying  Delay: An Application of Predictor-observer Structured Controller
Measurement-based time evolution for quantum simulation of fermionic systems
Deep reinforcement learning for process design: Review and perspective
Natural Selection Favors AIs over Humans
Learning Only On Boundaries: a Physics-Informed Neural operator for
  Solving Parametric Partial Differential Equations in Complex Geometries
FIVA: Facial Image and Video Anonymization and Anonymization Defense
Diffusion-based 3D Object Detection with Random Boxes
TicTacToes: Assessing Toe Movements as an Input Modality