Differential quantification of alternative splicing events on spliced pangenome graphs

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Ciccolella, S.; Cozzi, D.; Della Vedova, G.; Kuria, S.; Bonizzoni, P.; Denti, L.


Pangenomes are becoming a powerful frameworks to perform many bioinformatics analyses taking into account the genetic variability of a population, thus reducing the bias introduced by a single reference genome. With the wider diffusion of pangenomes, integrating genetic variability with transcriptome diversity is becoming a natural extension that demands specific methods for its exploration. In this work, we extend the notion of spliced pangenomes to that of annotated spliced pangenomes; this allows us to introduce a formal definition of Alternative Splicing (AS) events on a graph structure. To investigate the usage of graph pangenomes for the quantification of AS events across conditions, we developed pantas, the first pangenomic method for differential analysis of AS events. A comparison with state-of-the-art linear reference-based approaches proves that pantas achieves competitive accuracy, making spliced pangenomes effective for conducting AS events quantification and opening future directions for the analysis of population-based transcriptomes. pantas is open-source and freely available at

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