Edge on-site potential effects in a honeycomb topological magnon insulator



Pierre A. Pantaleón, Y. Xian


The difference between the edge on-site potential and the bulk values in a magnonic topological honeycomb lattice leads to the formation of edge states in a bearded boundary, and the same difference is found to be the responsible for the absence of edge states in a zig-zag termination. In a finite lattice, the intrinsic on-site interactions along the boundary sites generate an effective defect and Tamm-like edge states appear for both zig-zag and bearded terminations. If a non-trivial gap is induced, Tamm-like and topologically protected edge states appear in the band structure. The effective defect can be strengthened by an external on-site potential and the dispersion relation, velocity and magnon-density of the edge states become tunable.


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