Superconductivity from electronic interactions and spin-orbit enhancement in bilayer and trilayer graphene



Alejandro Jimeno-Pozo, Héctor Sainz-Cruz, Tommaso Cea, Pierre A. Pantaleón, Francisco Guinea


We discuss a Kohn-Luttinger-like mechanism for superconductivity in Bernal bilayer graphene and rhombohedral trilayer graphene. Working within the continuum model description, we find that the screened long-range Coulomb interaction alone gives rise to superconductivity with critical temperatures that agree with experiments. We observe that the order parameter changes sign between valleys, which implies that both materials are valley-singlet, spin-triplet superconductors. Adding Ising spin-orbit coupling leads to a significant enhancement in the critical temperature, also in line with experiment, and the superconducting order parameter shows locking between the spin and valley degrees of freedom.


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