ScienceCast Products & Services

Discover the nexus of scientific expertise and AI innovation! Connect with top-tier scientists, harness custom ontologies for data clarity, and expedite research with AI-driven document tools. Elevate your science with us.

Hire A Researcher

Leverage our scientific network in STEM & Biomed

  • Hire a researcher for your business or startup

    Access top-tier research talent from our vast network in STEM and Biomed fields. Whether you're launching a new product, enhancing existing ones, or exploring innovative solutions, our researchers can provide the expertise and insights you need to drive your business forward.

  • Ask a scientist

    Got a burning scientific question? Or need clarity on a complex topic? Tap into our pool of seasoned scientists from diverse domains. Get accurate, up-to-date, and reliable answers directly from the experts.

  • Due diligence on deep-tech investments

    Before pouring capital into deep-tech ventures, ensure your investment decisions are sound. Our specialized network can offer rigorous due diligence, examining the scientific viability, scalability, and potential of the technology in question, providing you with a comprehensive understanding and mitigating risks.

  • Find an expert witnesses for your case

    Legal cases often require specialized knowledge to properly present or challenge evidence. Through our network, find highly-qualified expert witnesses who can provide authoritative testimony, insights, and opinions that are pertinent to your case, ensuring that the evidence is examined thoroughly and professionally.


Unlock clarity in complexity with our ontology and knowledge graph services.

  • Create a knowledge graph for your organization or business

    Transform the vast data in your organization into an interconnected, visual web of knowledge. Our knowledge graph services help you visualize complex relationships, enabling faster insights and better decision-making tailored to your unique needs.

  • Build an ontology network on demand

    Dive deeper into the intricacies of your data by constructing an ontology network tailored to your requirements. By defining concepts, categories, and relationships specific to your domain, we help structure your data in a more meaningful and coherent manner.

  • Evaluate existing ontologies and knowledge graphs used by your organization

    Ensure that your current knowledge management systems are optimized and relevant. We provide expert assessment of your existing ontologies and knowledge graphs, identifying gaps, redundancies, and areas for enhancement to ensure they align with your evolving business needs.

  • Create sophisticated graph-based queries for knowledge extraction

    Go beyond traditional search queries. With our expertise, develop intricate graph-based queries that enable deeper, more nuanced knowledge extraction, ensuring you get precise answers and insights from your interconnected data sources.

  • Enrich machine learning services with semantic web technology

    Enhance your AI and machine learning applications by infusing them with the power of the semantic web. By combining structured ontologies with machine learning, we help you achieve more accurate, context-aware results, driving better automation and insights in your systems.

AI Analysis of Papers & Data

Revolutionize your research with AI—turn dense scientific data into digestible insights

  • Create an instant summary for your audience
  • Create an instant press release
  • Create a short audio summary of scientific documents
  • Generate summaries for different levels of scientific sophistication