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Assistant Professor

QIS cluster search - junior (multiple positions in phys, chem, math, CS)

Job summary
The Departments of Physics & Astronomy, Chemistry, Computer Science, and Mathematics in the College of Science at Purdue University invite applications for multiple faculty positions in Quantum Information Science (QIS) to begin August 2023. These positions will be assistant professor level appointments. When appropriate, successful candidates may be considered for joint appointments across the College.  
Quantum Information Science is at the frontier of several traditional research disciplines including condensed matter physics, atomic, molecular, and optical physics, information theory, pure and applied mathematics, computer science, and chemistry. QIS strives to harness the defining quantum mechanical properties of superposition and entanglement to provide breakthrough advances for computing, secure communications, and novel device functionalities.  As such, our QIS initiative is part of a large-scale interdisciplinary hiring effort across key strategic areas in the departments of Physics and Astronomy, Chemistry, Computer Science, and Mathematics.
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