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Research Support Associate

Molecular Biology, Chemistry, STEM

Job summary
 Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research-Soto-Feliciano Lab, to contribute to independent research projects--run by postdoctoral and doctoral scientists--that are focused on epigenetic mechanisms of normal development and cancer.  Research techniques will include mammalian cell culture; basic molecular biology techniques (PCR and molecular cloning, protein analyses); standard chromatin assays (ChIP and related methods); next-gen sequencing (library preparation and basic analyses); and confocal microscopy, including sample preparation, imaging, and analyses. Other duties include maintaining stocks of reagents and cell lines and occasional work with vertebrate animals (mice).

The Soto-Feliciano Lab is interested in understanding how chromatin adaptor proteins help decode the chemical language of chromatin (the physiological form of our genomes), their context-specific effects, and how they regulate gene expression in normal physiology and disease.  These studies will improve our basic understanding of how protein complexes assemble on chromatin in a concerted and regulated manner, ultimately giving insight into the etiology of cancer and other human diseases and paving the way for therapeutic approaches that revert chromatin and epigenetic dysregulation.  

High school diploma or its equivalent; computer skills; training in hands-on equipment maintenance; practiced documentation skills; meticulous attention to detail; self-motivation; ability to exceed quality standards, provide exceptional services, and produce accurate and high-quality work; awareness of safe work practices and ability to follow safety procedures and maintain a safe work environment; willingness to work with animals; excellent oral and written communication skills; and ability to work on teams in a fast-paced environment.  PREFERRED:  B.S. in biology/chemistry/STEM field; exposure to a research lab; and experience with cell culture, molecular biology, and/or biochemical techniques. Job #23001-3

This is a two-year, term position with the possibility of an extension.

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