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Research Support Associate, Anderson Lab

Biological Sciences

Job summary
RESEARCH SUPPORT ASSOCIATE, Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research-Anderson Lab, to assume primary responsibility for synthesizing novel lipids/polymers to investigate improving nucleic acid delivery (primarily mRNA) for vaccine, gene-editing, and any other therapeutic applications.  Will optimize lipid nanoparticle formulations for in-vitro and ex-vivo experiments; maintain cell lines and perform cell-based assays; be responsible for in-vivo work such as intravenous, intramuscular, intranasal, and subcutaneous injections of mRNA-LNPs to mice/rats, organ harvesting, blood collection, ELISA, and imaging techniques; and assist in lipid synthesis and experimental studies in mice/rats aimed at understanding the delivery of nucleic acids. Primary duties include 3-4 steps synthesis of novel lipids, lipid-nanoparticle formulations and characterization, cell culture, blood collection, tissue harvesting, RT-qPCR, ELISA, and flow-cytometry; imaging techniques such as bioluminescence and fluorescence; and general lab support, e.g., ordering and maintaining solvents/chemicals stock.  Will receive essential technical support under the supervision of postdoctoral researchers and other collaborators.  

Job Requirements

REQUIRED: high school diploma or its equivalent; computer skills; practiced documentation skills; strong organizational, interpersonal, and communication skills; awareness of safe work practices and ability to maintain a safe work environment; and willingness to work with animals.  Seek a self-motivated individual who can learn new concepts and techniques; produce accurate and high-quality work; maintain detailed notes with proper documentation, following all safety rules/regulations while performing experiments, and work both independently and as a team player.  PREFERRED:  bachelor's degree in the biological sciences; exposure to a research lab; experience with a small molecule/material synthesis and spectroscopy (NMR and mass spectroscopy) techniques, cell culture, animal work, and molecular biology; and experience in the ethical and humane use of animals (especially mice/rats) in laboratory research. Job #22592-3

This is a one-year, term-limit position with the possibility of an extension.  

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