Job position at Flatiron Institute of the Simons Foundation, New York. Deadline is on

Summer Research Assistant/Associate (Intern)

Quantum many-body systems (computational)

Job summary
The Center for Computational Quantum Physics invites applications for seasonal, full-time research interns interested in developing and implementing the concepts, algorithms and codes needed to understand the quantum mechanical behavior of many-particle systems, and to translate this understanding into useful predictions of the behavior of molecules and materials. Under the mentorship of one or more CCQ scientists during the summer, Research Assistants/Associates will contribute to CCQ research by joining an ongoing research project. 

Internship positions are intended for beginning graduate students or in some cases advanced undergraduates. Graduate students already embarked on a thesis project should consider the Flatiron predoctoral program instead.

The summer internship is a paid position. The summer 2023 internship period is from May 30 to August 11.
Tip: To strengthen your application consider posting a video-summary of your most exciting research.