Job position at National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Greenbelt, MD. Deadline is on


Heliophysics Science: Solar Theory and Computational Studies

Job summary
Our research is focused on understanding the solar origins of space weather and other energetic solar phenomena, through a combination of data interpretation, theory, and numerical simulations. A key goal of our studies is to decipher how magnetic reconnection operates in the Sun‘s atmosphere, and its essential role in nearly all manifestations of solar activity including the formation and structure of the solar wind. We work closely with colleagues specializing in data collection and analysis to ensure the best possible closure between the latest observations and our theoretical models. Ongoing investigations in this wide-ranging program include the formation and evolution of filament channels; the initiation and propagation of coronal mass ejections; the role of reconnection in chromospheric and coronal jets; coronal heating by nanoflares; the condensation and dynamics of prominence plasmas; flare reconnection; the dynamic interaction between closed and open magnetic flux on the Sun; coronal interchange reconnection and heliospheric current sheet dynamics; and the physics of flux cancellation.

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