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Two postdoctoral positions

Condensed matter theory

Job summary
The Theory of Condensed Matter group at the Cavendish Laboratory of the University of Cambridge aims to appoint 2 postdoctoral research associate positions, each for 2 years with the possibility of extending for a further 1 year. These are intended as group positions in a research programme involving several academics, including Profs B. Béri, C. Castelnovo, N. Cooper, A. Lamacraft, B. Monserrat (Materials Science Dept.), and B.D. Simons (DAMTP). 

We are particularly, though not exclusively, interested in the following research areas: Thermodynamic and response properties in topological magnetic materials, from microscopic modelling to effective theories; Emergent quantum dynamics, in frustrated magnets, driven dissipative, and/or topological quantum many-body systems, and in quantum circuit models; Emergent classical dynamical effects, from kinetically constrained relaxation pathways in topological systems to the non-equilibrium phase behaviour of soft and biological systems. 
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