Job position at National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Ames Research Center, Moffet Field, CA. Deadline is on

Research and Development Scientist

Planetary Science

Job summary
The extraordinary data sets being returned by recent Mars missions provide an unprecedented opportunity to study the fluvial and paleo-climatic history of Mars in more detail than ever before. The new data will help improve our understanding of the role that water played in sculpting the surface of Mars including the formation of outflow channels, large valleys, valley networks, gullies and other water-formed features. Research in this opportunity aims to understand the genesis of these features and whether their formation required repeated (perhaps episodic) cycling of water through the subsurface, surface and atmosphere environments. In addition to interpreting and analyzing disparate planetary data sets, various other approaches are also used to understand these surface and subsurface processes, including analog studies, theoretical modeling, field and laboratory studies. Opportunities exist for targeting and analyzing specific fluvial and hydrothermal features using the HiRISE camera in orbit about Mars and developing education and public outreach material and activities for HiRISE EPO. Additional opportunities exist for working with our image library of over 1000 analyzed rock and mineral samples.

Doctoral Degree
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