Dynamic Early Exiting Predictive Coding Neural Networks

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Dynamic Early Exiting Predictive Coding Neural Networks


Alaa Zniber, Ouassim Karrakchou, Mounir Ghogho


Internet of Things (IoT) sensors are nowadays heavily utilized in various real-world applications ranging from wearables to smart buildings passing by agrotechnology and health monitoring. With the huge amounts of data generated by these tiny devices, Deep Learning (DL) models have been extensively used to enhance them with intelligent processing. However, with the urge for smaller and more accurate devices, DL models became too heavy to deploy. It is thus necessary to incorporate the hardware's limited resources in the design process. Therefore, inspired by the human brain known for its efficiency and low power consumption, we propose a shallow bidirectional network based on predictive coding theory and dynamic early exiting for halting further computations when a performance threshold is surpassed. We achieve comparable accuracy to VGG-16 in image classification on CIFAR-10 with fewer parameters and less computational complexity.

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