Establishing a real-time traffic alarm in the city of Valencia with Deep Learning

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Miguel Folgado, Veronica Sanz, Johannes Hirn, Edgar Lorenzo-Saez, Javier Urchueguia


Urban traffic emissions represent a significant concern due to their detrimental impacts on both public health and the environment. Consequently, decision-makers have flagged their reduction as a crucial goal. In this study, we first analyze the correlation between traffic flux and pollution in the city of Valencia, Spain. Our results demonstrate that traffic has a significant impact on the levels of certain pollutants (especially $\text{NO}_\text{x}$). Secondly, we develop an alarm system to predict if a street is likely to experience unusually high traffic in the next 30 minutes, using an independent three-tier level for each street. To make the predictions, we use traffic data updated every 10 minutes and Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM) neural networks. We trained the LSTM using traffic data from 2018, and tested it using traffic data from 2019.

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