DPF-Net: Combining Explicit Shape Priors in Deformable Primitive Field for Unsupervised Structural Reconstruction of 3D Objects

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Qingyao Shuai, Chi Zhang, Kaizhi Yang, Xuejin Chen


Unsupervised methods for reconstructing structures face significant challenges in capturing the geometric details with consistent structures among diverse shapes of the same category. To address this issue, we present a novel unsupervised structural reconstruction method, named DPF-Net, based on a new Deformable Primitive Field (DPF) representation, which allows for high-quality shape reconstruction using parameterized geometric primitives. We design a two-stage shape reconstruction pipeline which consists of a primitive generation module and a primitive deformation module to approximate the target shape of each part progressively. The primitive generation module estimates the explicit orientation, position, and size parameters of parameterized geometric primitives, while the primitive deformation module predicts a dense deformation field based on a parameterized primitive field to recover shape details. The strong shape prior encoded in parameterized geometric primitives enables our DPF-Net to extract high-level structures and recover fine-grained shape details consistently. The experimental results on three categories of objects in diverse shapes demonstrate the effectiveness and generalization ability of our DPF-Net on structural reconstruction and shape segmentation.

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