Spin waves and high-frequency response in layered superconductors with helical magnetic structure

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A. E. Koshelev


We evaluate the spin-wave spectrum and dynamic susceptibility in a layered superconductors with helical interlayer magnetic structure. We especially focus on the structure in which the moments rotate 90∘ from layer to layer realized in the iron pnictide RbEuFe4As4. The spin-wave spectrum in superconductors is strongly renormalized due to the long-range electromagnetic interactions between the oscillating magnetic moments. This leads to a strong enhancement of the frequency of the mode coupled with a uniform field and this enhancement exists only within a narrow range of the c-axis wave vectors of the order of the inverse London penetration depth. The key feature of materials like RbEuFe4As4 is that this uniform mode corresponds to the maximum frequency of the spin-wave spectrum with respect to the c-axis wave vector. As a consequence, the high-frequency surface resistance acquires a very distinct asymmetric feature spreading between the bare and renormalized frequencies. We also consider the excitation of spin waves with Josephson effect in a tunneling contact between helical-magnetic and conventional superconductors and study the interplay between the spin-wave features and geometrical cavity resonances in the current-voltage characteristics.

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