Generalized Simplicial Attention Neural Networks

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Generalized Simplicial Attention Neural Networks


Claudio Battiloro, Lucia Testa, Lorenzo Giusti, Stefania Sardellitti, Paolo Di Lorenzo, Sergio Barbarossa


The aim of this work is to introduce Generalized Simplicial Attention Neural Networks (GSANs), i.e., novel neural architectures designed to process data defined on simplicial complexes using masked self-attentional layers. Hinging on topological signal processing principles, we devise a series of self-attention schemes capable of processing data components defined at different simplicial orders, such as nodes, edges, triangles, and beyond. These schemes learn how to weight the neighborhoods of the given topological domain in a task-oriented fashion, leveraging the interplay among simplices of different orders through the Dirac operator and its Dirac decomposition. We also theoretically establish that GSANs are permutation equivariant and simplicial-aware. Finally, we illustrate how our approach compares favorably with other methods when applied to several (inductive and transductive) tasks such as trajectory prediction, missing data imputation, graph classification, and simplex prediction.

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