DiME and AGVis: A Distributed Messaging Environment and Geographical Visualizer for Large-scale Power System Simulation

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Nicholas Parsly, Jinning Wang, Nick West, Qiwei Zhang, Hantao Cui, Fangxing Li


This paper introduces the messaging environment and the geographical visualization tool of the CURENT Large-scale Testbed (LTB) that can be used for large-scale power system closed-loop simulation. First, Distributed Messaging Environment (DiME) implements an asynchronous shared workspace to enable high-concurrent data exchange. Second, Another Grid Visualizer (AGVis) is presented as a geovisualization tool that facilitates the visualization of real-time power system simulation. Third, case studies show the use of DiME and AGVis. The results demonstrate that, with the modular structure, the LTB is capable of not only federal use for real-time, large-scale power system simulation, but also independent use for customized power system research.

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