DeNISE: Deep Networks for Improved Segmentation Edges

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DeNISE: Deep Networks for Improved Segmentation Edges


Sander Riisøen Jyhne, Per-Arne Andersen, Morten Goodwin


This paper presents Deep Networks for Improved Segmentation Edges (DeNISE), a novel data enhancement technique using edge detection and segmentation models to improve the boundary quality of segmentation masks. DeNISE utilizes the inherent differences in two sequential deep neural architectures to improve the accuracy of the predicted segmentation edge. DeNISE applies to all types of neural networks and is not trained end-to-end, allowing rapid experiments to discover which models complement each other. We test and apply DeNISE for building segmentation in aerial images. Aerial images are known for difficult conditions as they have a low resolution with optical noise, such as reflections, shadows, and visual obstructions. Overall the paper demonstrates the potential for DeNISE. Using the technique, we improve the baseline results with a building IoU of 78.9%.

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