AutoCycle-VC: Towards Bottleneck-Independent Zero-Shot Cross-Lingual Voice Conversion

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AutoCycle-VC: Towards Bottleneck-Independent Zero-Shot Cross-Lingual Voice Conversion


Haeyun Choi, Jio Gim, Yuho Lee, Youngin Kim, Young-Joo Suh


This paper proposes a simple and robust zero-shot voice conversion system with a cycle structure and mel-spectrogram pre-processing. Previous works suffer from information loss and poor synthesis quality due to their reliance on a carefully designed bottleneck structure. Moreover, models relying solely on self-reconstruction loss struggled with reproducing different speakers' voices. To address these issues, we suggested a cycle-consistency loss that considers conversion back and forth between target and source speakers. Additionally, stacked random-shuffled mel-spectrograms and a label smoothing method are utilized during speaker encoder training to extract a time-independent global speaker representation from speech, which is the key to a zero-shot conversion. Our model outperforms existing state-of-the-art results in both subjective and objective evaluations. Furthermore, it facilitates cross-lingual voice conversions and enhances the quality of synthesized speech.

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