GADePo: Graph-Assisted Declarative Pooling Transformers for Document-Level Relation Extraction

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Andrei C. Coman, Christos Theodoropoulos, Marie-Francine Moens, James Henderson


Document-level relation extraction aims to identify relationships between entities within a document. Current methods rely on text-based encoders and employ various hand-coded pooling heuristics to aggregate information from entity mentions and associated contexts. In this paper, we replace these rigid pooling functions with explicit graph relations by leveraging the intrinsic graph processing capabilities of the Transformer model. We propose a joint text-graph Transformer model, and a graph-assisted declarative pooling (GADePo) specification of the input which provides explicit and high-level instructions for information aggregation. This allows the pooling process to be guided by domain-specific knowledge or desired outcomes but still learned by the Transformer, leading to more flexible and customizable pooling strategies. We extensively evaluate our method across diverse datasets and models, and show that our approach yields promising results that are comparable to those achieved by the hand-coded pooling functions.

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