Representation Synthesis by Probabilistic Many-Valued Logic Operation in Self-Supervised Learning

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Hiroki Nakamura, Masashi Okada, Tadahiro Taniguchi


Self-supervised learning (SSL) using mixed images has been studied to learn various image representations. Existing methods using mixed images learn a representation by maximizing the similarity between the representation of the mixed image and the synthesized representation of the original images. However, few methods consider the synthesis of representations from the perspective of mathematical logic. In this study, we focused on a synthesis method of representations. We proposed a new SSL with mixed images and a new representation format based on many-valued logic. This format can indicate the feature-possession degree, that is, how much of each image feature is possessed by a representation. This representation format and representation synthesis by logic operation realize that the synthesized representation preserves the remarkable characteristics of the original representations. Our method performed competitively with previous representation synthesis methods for image classification tasks. We also examined the relationship between the feature-possession degree and the number of classes of images in the multilabel image classification dataset to verify that the intended learning was achieved. In addition, we discussed image retrieval, which is an application of our proposed representation format using many-valued logic.

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