Physics-informed Neural Network for Acoustic Resonance Analysis

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Physics-informed Neural Network for Acoustic Resonance Analysis


Kazuya Yokota, Takahiko Kurahashi, Masajiro Abe


This study proposes the physics-informed neural network (PINN) framework to solve the wave equation for acoustic resonance analysis. ResoNet, the analytical model proposed in this study, minimizes the loss function for periodic solutions, in addition to conventional PINN loss functions, thereby effectively using the function approximation capability of neural networks, while performing resonance analysis. Additionally, it can be easily applied to inverse problems. Herein, the resonance in a one-dimensional acoustic tube was analyzed. The effectiveness of the proposed method was validated through the forward and inverse analyses of the wave equation with energy-loss terms. In the forward analysis, the applicability of PINN to the resonance problem was evaluated by comparison with the finite-difference method. The inverse analysis, which included the identification of the energy loss term in the wave equation and design optimization of the acoustic tube, was performed with good accuracy.

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