QIS-XML: An Extensible Markup Language for Quantum Information Science

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Pascal Heus, Richard Gomez


This Master thesis examines issues of interoperability and integration between the Classic Information Science (CIS) and Quantum Information Science (QIS). It provides a short introduction to the Extensible Markup Language (XML) and proceeds to describe the development steps that have lead to a prototype XML specification for quantum computing (QIS-XML). QIS-XML is a proposed framework, based on the widely used standard (XML) to describe, visualize, exchange and process quantum gates and quantum circuits. It also provides a potential approach to a generic programming language for quantum computers through the concept of XML driven compilers. Examples are provided for the description of commonly used quantum gates and circuits, accompanied with tools to visualize them in standard web browsers. An algorithmic example is also presented, performing a simple addition operation with quantum circuits and running the program on a quantum computer simulator. Overall, this initial effort demonstrates how XML technologies could be at the core of the architecture for describing and programming quantum computers. By leveraging a widely accepted standard, QIS-XML also builds a bridge between classic and quantum IT, which could foster the acceptance of QIS by the ICT community and facilitate the understanding of quantum technology by IT experts. This would support the consolidation of Classic Information Science and Quantum Information Science into a Complete Information Science, a challenge that could be referred to as the "Information Science Grand Unification Challenge".

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