Coherent Taylor expansion as a bimonad

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Thomas Ehrhard IRIF, Aymeric Walch IRIF


We extend the recently introduced setting of coherent differentiation for taking into account not only differentiation, but also Taylor expansion in categories which are not necessarily (left)additive.The main idea consists in extending summability into an infinitary functor which intuitively maps any object to the object of its countable summable families.This functor is endowed with a canonical structure of bimonad.In a linear logical categorical setting, Taylor expansion is then axiomatized as a distributive law between this summability functor and the resource comonad (aka.~exponential), allowing to extend the summability functor into a bimonad on the Kleisli category of the resource comonad: this extended functor computes the Taylor expansion of the (nonlinear) morphisms of the Kleisli category.We also show how this categorical axiomatizations of Taylor expansion can be generalized to arbitrary cartesian categories, leading to a general theory of Taylor expansion formally similar to that of differential cartesian categories, although it does not require the underlying cartesian category to be left additive.We provide several examples of concrete categories which arise in denotational semantics and feature such analytic structures.

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