BUT CHiME-7 system description

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BUT CHiME-7 system description


Martin Karafiát, Karel Veselý, Igor Szöke, Ladislav Mošner, Karel Beneš, Marcin Witkowski, Germán Barchi, Leonardo Pepino


This paper describes the joint effort of Brno University of Technology (BUT), AGH University of Krakow and University of Buenos Aires on the development of Automatic Speech Recognition systems for the CHiME-7 Challenge. We train and evaluate various end-to-end models with several toolkits. We heavily relied on Guided Source Separation (GSS) to convert multi-channel audio to single channel. The ASR is leveraging speech representations from models pre-trained by self-supervised learning, and we do a fusion of several ASR systems. In addition, we modified external data from the LibriSpeech corpus to become a close domain and added it to the training. Our efforts were focused on the far-field acoustic robustness sub-track of Task 1 - Distant Automatic Speech Recognition (DASR), our systems use oracle segmentation.

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