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Nicole Morgan of McKinsey Quantum on behalf of the Scientific Board of ScienceCast


Welcome to ScienceCast - a universal ecosystem for research, publishing, and exchange of scientific ideas using 21st century tools. ScienceCast was founded by a group of scientists and experts in academic publishing in response to a major problem facing modern day science - exponential proliferation of scientific data. The problem is not handling the big data, but extracting gems and useful insights from the avalanche of scientific papers. Just 20 years ago, it was possible for researchers to follow all developments in their discipline, but information overload makes the traditional modes of research dissemination no longer sustainable. To partially overcome this challenge, ScienceCast introduces a new model, whose key component is a stream of short video pitches summarizing a scientific discovery with links to the full-length articles & data. It also provides space for professional research discussion and continuous peer feedback. The scientific content is reviewed by a professional scientific board and select contributions will be disseminated broadly to the relevant communities, journal editors, funding agencies, and the public. To submit a contribution simply record a short 3-5 minute video on your research (using zoom or a built-in screen recording functionality, e.g. Shift-Command-5 on Mac), go over your manuscript or 2-3 slides highlighting the main results of your work, and provide a link to the full-text of your paper for more details.

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