A Scale-Invariant Task Balancing Approach for Multi-Task Learning

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Baijiong Lin, Weisen Jiang, Feiyang Ye, Yu Zhang, Pengguang Chen, Ying-Cong Chen, Shu Liu


Multi-task learning (MTL), a learning paradigm to learn multiple related tasks simultaneously, has achieved great success in various fields. However, task-balancing remains a significant challenge in MTL, with the disparity in loss/gradient scales often leading to performance compromises. In this paper, we propose a Scale-Invariant Multi-Task Learning (SI-MTL) method to alleviate the task-balancing problem from both loss and gradient perspectives. Specifically, SI-MTL contains a logarithm transformation which is performed on all task losses to ensure scale-invariant at the loss level, and a gradient balancing method, SI-G, which normalizes all task gradients to the same magnitude as the maximum gradient norm. Extensive experiments conducted on several benchmark datasets consistently demonstrate the effectiveness of SI-G and the state-of-the-art performance of SI-MTL.

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