MoveR: an R package for easy processing and analysis of animal video-tracking data

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Available only for arXiv papers.


PETITJEAN, Q.; LARTIGUE, S.; COINTE, M.; RIS, N.; calcagno, v.


Animal movement and behavior are critical to understanding ecological and evolutionary processes. Recent years have witnessed an increase in methodological and technological innovations in video-tracking solutions for phenotyping animal behavior. Although these advances enable the collection of high-resolution data describing the movement of multiple individuals, analyzing and interpreting them remains challenging due to their complexity, heterogeneity, and noisiness. Here, we introduce MoveR, an R package for importing, filtering, visualizing, and analyzing data from common video-tracking solutions. MoveR includes flexible tools for polishing data, removing tracking artifacts, subsetting and plotting individual paths, and computing different movement and behavior metrics.

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